Apps for an Effective Treatment
Through Better UX

In order to improve the treatment of children with autism, we created for Opya a suite of apps to help clinicians and parents to have better communication and a faster collaboration, bringing everyone closer together.

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Opya is an Autism clinic committed to treating and supporting children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) by providing personalized therapy services (behavior, speech, feeding & occupational).

They’re dedicated to delivering the most effective treatments while streamlining its services with patients and their families through connected apps.

More Effective Treatment Through Faster Collaboration

Our goal was to introduce technology and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of autism treatment. Designing products for this delicate and intricate ecosystem was extremely crucial for a successful adoption. An excellent User Experience was required for reducing response time in communications, both internally and with the patient’s family. The ultimate goal was ensuring patient reach their goals at a faster pace than traditional treatment methods.

Exploring the Autism Ecosystem

Hands-on! Opya came to our offices and we went through a Discovery Phase. We gathered our Development team, UX Designers and we were able to gather all the required information, identify current problems and prioritize needs. We worked on an intense analysis process based on client and user feedback.

We spent a good amount of time on the following:

  • Conducting UX research and interviews.
  • Building out personas.
  • Users’ journeys.
  • Metric analysis.
  • Visual storyboards.
  • Roadmap and Product Vision Workshops.

Bringing Therapists Closer to Other Therapists and Parents

After a lot of user interviews and brainstorming, we were able to determine how technology could enhance treatment in and outside of the clinic.

  • Applications that enable team-based collaboration for a remote workforce. This enables the team to work efficiently without compromising the quality of care.
  • Improved clinical efficiency by having the ability to stay in touch.
  • Coordinating care with other therapists and parent.
  • Enabling parents, therapists, and clinicians to communicate efficiently, faster and easier.
  • Tracking, storing and analyzing goal-based data quickly and securely.

We Created a User-Centered, HIPAA-Compliant Solution

We proposed a system of integrated applications to attend different needs and communication problems that Opya and their customers were facing.

Despite the complexity of the ecosystem we were able to come up with a simple and usable web application and a native iOS mobile app for internal messaging that allows collaborative work among all the professionals.

We also developed a React Native App, go-live in Jan 2019, for parents to have a direct communication channel with the schedulers, allowing them to reschedule or request changes in their appointments.

Guaranteeing confidentiality of the information was a must in this HIPAA-compliant project.

Our Tech Stack Decision

Taking into consideration the target audience, application type, and functionality our recommendation was to use Javascript as the main language.

We decided to use Node.js and Express.js in the backend and React.js in the frontend since they’re frameworks and libraries that help us to accelerate the development process, they provide high performance and product quality, allowing growth and scalability without friction. Node.js fits particularly well in this type of situations when you need a fast backend to offer support to the mobile apps.

Behind the Scenes

Providing a smooth and great experience was key! From the beginning, we put together a team of Designers to work on this project. To speed up the process, we adopted the Git Flow model for branching and versioning. This model is well-known in the development field since it is very well-suited for collaborating and scaling in projects where more than one designer works on the same solution.

Our Pixel Perfect Solution

The UX Design team created high fidelity mockups for the
User Interface implementation.

Key Features

Our HIPAA-compliant proprietary communication tool allows:

Team Groups

Ability to create case-centric teams to discuss topics
in an integrated and multidisciplinary approach.

Scheduling and Billing

This feature facilitates the work of who is responsible for scheduling professional appointments and allows to coordinate billings within the clinic.

Session Notes

Using Session Notes inside the application
to keep important information accessible.


Real-time case-centric collaboration allowing
sharing of photos, videos or others files.

“Making Sense has been integral to bringing our strategy to life.
We consider them a true extension of our team.”


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