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Transforming dairy management

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15M Animals managed
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+30% Cost reduction


We helped the most important dairy management company in the US to succeed in this digital area by modernizing their current applications.

The goal was to move their legacy applications onto a modern infrastructure with an enhanced User Experience (UX), thereby providing better opportunities for growth and scaling in business, gaining access to new markets in new countries, new segments and customers.

About Valley Agricultural Software

With more than 60 years in the market Valley Agricultural Software (VAS) is the global market leader in connected farm management systems.

VAS specializes in providing a suite of products for helping dairy farmers keep track of their cattle, their feeding, their performance and even the economics of their dairies.

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The starting point

After 30 years of development, the VAS suite of dairy management products was facing some of these problems:

  • Difficulties to scale
  • Difficulties to synchronize the work
  • Compliance-based operational problems
  • Difficulties finding customers' localizations
  • Limitations to expand the business
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Educating our team on the field

Our team traveled to Tulare, CA in order to have on-site interviews with the main users and start with the development of our Discovery Phase. The goal was to understand how they worked so that we could detect pain points and suggest opportunities for improvement.

Exploring the agricultural field

As experts in transforming business we developed a strategic technology roadmap and uncovered many compliance-based, operational problems, especially in terms of the ability to reconcile and keep track of where customers were.

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Typical challenges – A-typical solutions

The tech stack

We designed, validated, implemented and tested a responsive web app and a mobile app for iOS and Android.

We added more capabilities, flexibility, cloud-based backups and business intelligence. VAS has now a modern app with excellent UX.

  • Front-End
  • Back-End
  • UX/UI
  • PA
  • QA
  • PM
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  • Tech AWS.
  • Tech Angular.
  • Tech .Net Core.
  • Tech Docker.
  • Tech React Native.
  • Tech Kubernetes.


They are now able to focus on growing the market, boosting profitability and viability while providing superior value to their customers.

After more than 5 years of partnership and more than two new projects per year with different and innovative scopes and objectives, we keep on working collaboratively as a unique team.

  • Faster information deployment.
  • Less management and less supervision.
  • Integrate their system with other tools.
  • Reduce operational costs while increasing the effectiveness of the IT processes.
  • Expand their business geographically.
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    We choose Making Sense because of the passion that they bring to our group. They are not here to necessarily create the next software but really to revolutionize the industry.
    Miguel Duran VP Software Engineering at VAS
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