Revolutionizing autism treatment

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Opya is one of the few ABA (applied behavior analysis) providers that combines in-home services with technology and multi-disciplinary care to provide seamlessly connected autism support for people in US.

In order to improve the treatment of children with autism, we created for Opya a suite of apps to help clinicians and parents to have better communication and a faster collaboration, bringing everyone closer together.

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About OPYA

Opya is an Autism clinic committed to treating and supporting children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) by providing personalized therapy services (behavior, speech, feeding & occupational).

They’re dedicated to delivering the most effective treatments while streamlining its services with patients and their families through connected apps.

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The starting point

Their way of working was 100% offline. That’s why they:

  • Lack of a standardized communication tool.
  • Had non-integrated patient information.
  • Found difficulties to collect, register, and integrate treatment data.
  • Lack of tracking child’s daily mood to address treatment.
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Lead Opya through a digital transformation

We defined as our goal to lead the product through a digital transformation process, to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of autism treatment.

What we did

From concept to completion, we join forces to envision and build technology solutions that create new value and transform your business. We provide full-cycle development powered by diverse teams that tackle your project from beginning to end, and take advantage of results-driven project management.

Collaborative work among all the professionals.

Collect, register, and integrate treatment data.

Track the child’s daily mood to address treatment.

Track and measure the patient-therapist relationship.

Improve the appointment setting process.


Behind the scenes

The tech stack

Taking into consideration the target audience, application type, and functionality our recommendation was to use Javascript as the main language.

We decided to use Node.js and Express.js in the backend and React.js in the frontend since they’re frameworks and libraries that help us to accelerate the development process, they provide high performance and product quality, allowing growth and scalability without friction. Node.js fits particularly well in this type of situations when you need a fast backend to offer support to the mobile apps.

  • Front-End
  • Back-End
  • UX/UI
  • PA
  • QA
  • PM
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Express Js

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Node Js

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React Js

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  • Tech Docker.
  • Tech NodeJS.
  • Tech ExpressJS.
  • Tech ReactJS.
  • Tech AWS.
  • Tech React Native.


We Created a User-Centered, HIPAA-Compliant Solution We proposed a system of integrated applications to attend different needs and communication problems that Opya and their customers were facing.

Providing a smooth and great experience was key! From the beginning, we put together a team of UX Professionals to work on this project. To speed up the process, we adopted the Git Flow model for branching and versioning.

  • Create case-centric teams.
  • Use Session Notes inside the application to keep important information accessible.
  • Schedule and Billing.
  • Have real-time case-centric collaboration allowing sharing of photos, videos or others files.
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    Making Sense has been a true partner for Opya, helping us bring to life a truly differentiated digital platform that has transformed our patient experience.
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